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April 17th, Cryptic announced on their Neverwinter facebook page that Module 3, Curse of Icewind Dale will go live on May 13th. "This third free content expansion will bring players two new adventure zones, Dwarven Valley and Icewind Pass and all new open world pvp."

You can read more about the upcoming expansion on Arc Games.

So, some first lines from the writer. This is a new project, where I'll be trying and cover some of the lore from the Neverwinter Universe. I will be trying to keep these going on an regular basis, and I'm encouraging discussions in the comments below, so that we as a community together can come up and settle any uncertainties. I'll be trying to do this is an explaining format, by showing how the current status is, and some reasons.

For the first couple of Parts I'll be trying to cover the different cities and towns, starting with the star of the tree.




Councilman Lawlwtf Should make note that The Tower District is currently under the control of the Many-Arrows Orc tribe. Also that Neverdea ...
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